Will Congress Get Job Done?

Gay Legislation In Holiday Limbo?

Congress returns this week for a brief mid-holiday legislative session. There are currently three gay-related bills hovering in limbo. So, will our elected officials address the queer concerns? Recent reports sound doubtful:

Over the next three weeks Congress will be pressed to deal with bills on taxes, spending, paying for the war in Iraq and wiretaps. With partisan politics at an all-time high it remains to be seen if lawmakers will be able to deal with the Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Act, The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

If Congress fails to act on any of the three bills before the session ends the legislation would not be picked up again before mid January at the earliest. Most observers believe it would be spring and with the fall election inching closer and Republicans expected to become even more feisty many on Capitol Hill think the bills will be allowed to die.

We’re not holding our breath.