“Gay” Lindsay OK!

Lindsay Lohan’s “lesbian” love affair with Sam Ronson dominates the cover of OK! magazine this week. And, of course, Lohan’s “friends” have loads to say. The actress does not:

“This is the first healthy relationship Lindsay has ever had,” a pal of the Georgia Rule star tells OK!. “Both Lindsay and Samantha have total mutual respect and love for each other. All the nonsense Lindsay’s had in past relationships – the crazy fights, cheating and general immaturity – is totally absent. This is the real thing.”

While Lindsay’s rep, Leslie Sloan Zelnick, asserts that “there was no confession” of a romantic relationship, close pals of the couple confirm that they are serious.

“Samantha and Lindsay have been ‘out’ to friends for a few months now,” a source close to the pair tells OK!.

The funny thing about this whole “friends” thing is that we haven’t seen Lohan with anyone but Ronson for – well, a long time. Does this girl even know anyone else?