Gay Lobbyists And Donors Pack Bags For Top-Secret Pow-Wow In DC

The first robin of spring brings something extra this year: Lobbyists and activists gearing up in earnest for the November elections.

According to the Washington Post, hundreds of top LGBT Democratic Party donors are heading to Washington, D.C., in late April, “to plan strategies and marshal financial commitments for state and federal elections around the country.”

Details about the conference, organized by the Gill Fund, are still sketchy—intentionally so, it would seem, to protect attendees “from unwanted scrutiny or attacks from opponents.”

Gays and lesbians are a key fundraising demographic for President Obama, who has seen other sources prove less bountiful. Though many in the LGBT community feel frustrated with the President’s continuing “evolution” on gay marriage, they appreciate his work on DADT and DOMA—and realize an almost-there Obama is a far better option than a miles-away Romney or Santorum:

A growing number of the top “bundlers”—volunteers who gather checks from friends and business associates — to President Obama are gay men or women, a constituency Mr. Obama has avidly courted in recent months as he seeks to find new sources of large donations to finance his re-election campaign. A “super PAC” supporting Mr. Obama, Priorities USA Action, is also avidly courting gay donors, as traditional sources of large checks, including Wall Street, prove more resistant to appeals.

Anyone going to this clandestine confab? Let us know in the comments!

Photos: Marc Geller, David Iliff