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London bathhouse marks Queen’s funeral in its own unique fashion

Pleasuredrome bathouse will mark Queen's funderal
Pleasuredrome Spa Bar (Photo: Pleasuredrome)

A well-known gay bathhouse in London prompted much comment over the weekend after announcing its plans to mark the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Today’s funeral has been made a public holiday in the UK. Many businesses have faced the decision of whether to open or not.

Many gyms and major grocery stores are closing, even if only for four hours while the funeral takes place.

Pleasuredrome Spa Bar in Waterloo, central London, prides itself on being the only gay venue in the country that stays open 24 hours, 365 days of the year.

So how should it mark the funeral of the world’s longest-serving monarch? A notice on its website announced that it would pay its respects by not showing any “films” or playing music for four hours.

The “films” it typically plays are of the adult variety. It has its own, small cinema area.

Pleasuredrome gay sauna in London
The cabins at Pleasuredrome (Photo: Pleasuredrome)

Gay bathhouse Pleasuredrome to screen Queen’s funeral

Instead, management said Pleasuredrome would be screening the funeral.

“As a mark of respect to her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, no music will be played within the spa and no films will be shown,” the notice said.

“The cinema and the main screen will show live events around Her Late Majesty’s funeral throughout the day.

“Guests at the venue are invited to join us in a toast to His Majesty King Charles III.

“Drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, including champagne, will be provided at the cost of the management of Pleasuredrome Spa for the loyal toast.”

The state-of-the-art Pleasuredrome is the biggest gay sauna in London. It offers saunas, steam rooms, a pool and a whole floor of “relaxation cabins”.

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Many online expressed bemusement at the venue’s plans.

For one, it prompted nostalgic memories.

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