Gay Loves L-Word


We were just checking in with our friends over at The New York Blade. While there, we came across this editorial by a man named Mickey Weems in which he explains his new found love for The L-Word. His viewing of the show has, apparently, helped him find a more level ground on which to relate to his lezzie sisters.

He writes:

“THE L WORD” [sic] has taught me that lesbians and gay men have a lot in common. We tend to be more adept at reading between the lines than most straight people.

Yeah, we can read between the lines on this one: the editors needed some filler.

Aside from such a stereotypical epiphany, the show has aided in Weems’ personal growth, in more ways than one:

In my life, “The L Word” helps me become a less judgmental and more ethical human being.

And the soundtrack is stunning.

Ethics and musical tastes? Definitely on the same level.