Gay Mag AXM Ending Print Run

There will be soon be a gaping hole on British newsstands.

Gay glossy AXM announced today that they will no longer publish their print edition and will instead shift their focus to the new-fangled internet:

Kim Watson, media director at Millivres, said: “Plans are currently in hand to relaunch AXM, its content and gay youth audience to digital media platforms with other online youth brands Puffta and Postive Adam. We will be announcing the launch of these new platforms at the end of the month.”

Tris Reid-Smith, [a] consultant editor of AXM, said: “The definitive factor is that we feel the digital media format is very attractive to the demographic we’re reaching – which is principally aimed at young gay men. We feel that format is going to be more attractive to our readers and advertisers in the future.”

The final print edition goes to press on November 4th. Prepare accordingly.