Helping Hand

Gay Male Identity Around The Globe Captured And Shared With Photo Series


Out photographer Kevin Truong has photographed nearly 400 gay men in seven countries and four continents, and he needs your help to do even more.

Truong is the creator of The Gay Men Project, his own idea to photograph as many gay men as he possibly can all over the world. The website for the project has become a space for men to visit, look at the photos, and read the personal story of the subject that he attaches to each one. Says Truong:

“My goal is to create a platform to challenge stereotypes, and a resource and sense of community for others who may not be as openly gay.  I think it’s great when a professional athlete comes out, or an actor, or news anchor.  But let’s take a moment to celebrate the story of the kid that came out to his high school basketball team as well.”

Truong has self-financed the project for the past two years, and is seeking Kickstarter help to raise $30,000 so that he can visit 15 more countries starting in August of 2014 and devote the following six months completely to the project.

Watch the video below to get a sense of the project, and head on over to The Gay Men Project’s Kickstarter page if you’re feeling generous.

And we know you are.