Gay Man Beaten By Mob Of 20 Teenagers, Ohio Police Cannot Find One

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.33.41 PMPolice in Cleveland, OH are searching for suspects in what they’re calling the “robbery” of a local gay man, despite the fact that he was brutally attacked by a gang of 20 people calling him a “broke faggot.”

Jared Fox told local ABC affiliate Channel 5 that his “instincts and experience with youth was that kids in a large group just aren’t up to any good,” and his suspicions—at least this time—were correct.

He claims that just before midnight on Saturday outside of Cocktails Lounge on West 93rd and Detroit Avenue, the group of teenagers he observed “just started beating” him.

More details of the event were offered by Fox in a YouTube video he uploaded on Sunday. “They thought I was an easy target,” he said, adding that they had asked for money while using anti-gay slurs. “They punched my glasses into my face and sliced it right there…they stomped on me, my back, my ribs while I was on the ground.” One of the assailants allegedly asked “Do you want to die?”

What’s even more troubling is that Fox says he made an impassioned plea to a motorist, who drove up to witness the crime. “Please help me,” he yelped as they drove away.

Locals rallied outside Cocktails Lounge this weekend to draw attention to the event, which they claim hasn’t received the proper attention from police.