Gay Man Beaten By Mob Of 20 Teenagers, Ohio Police Cannot Find One

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.33.41 PMPolice in Cleveland, OH are searching for suspects in what they’re calling the “robbery” of a local gay man, despite the fact that he was brutally attacked by a gang of 20 people calling him a “broke faggot.”

Jared Fox told local ABC affiliate Channel 5 that his “instincts and experience with youth was that kids in a large group just aren’t up to any good,” and his suspicions—at least this time—were correct.

He claims that just before midnight on Saturday outside of Cocktails Lounge on West 93rd and Detroit Avenue, the group of teenagers he observed “just started beating” him.

More details of the event were offered by Fox in a YouTube video he uploaded on Sunday. “They thought I was an easy target,” he said, adding that they had asked for money while using anti-gay slurs. “They punched my glasses into my face and sliced it right there…they stomped on me, my back, my ribs while I was on the ground.” One of the assailants allegedly asked “Do you want to die?”

What’s even more troubling is that Fox says he made an impassioned plea to a motorist, who drove up to witness the crime. “Please help me,” he yelped as they drove away.

Locals rallied outside Cocktails Lounge this weekend to draw attention to the event, which they claim hasn’t received the proper attention from police.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    OHIO… doesn’t it just you PROUD to be an OHIOAN??? Like the Steubenville saints getting girls drunk and video-taping them?? Yup… puritans, every one of them!!! And the efficiency of the Boys in Blue?? Amazing!…. Amusing!!! No???

  • CleJoke

    Hey it only took Queerty 18 hours since I emailed them the tip. Way to go Queerty being on top of things.

  • CleJoke

    I’m being facetious.

  • CleJoke


  • 2eo

    Why is it these christians never enforce the law at all when it’s us being attacked yet can always muster hundreds when a rights march or Atheists speak to shut us up.

  • Stache1

    Wow. The CPD really sucks. Clear homophobia. Just a really crappy/lazy police department.

    Education is great but people need to learn how to fight back. If your going to a area that looks unsafe carry some kind of weapon at least. These cowards are only brave when they feel nothing will happen to them.

  • fredhotman

    Police culture of indifference seems not to have changed. How civilised. So much for law & order, put the blinkers on and act like the 3 wise monkeys

  • Greg Garavani

    This is so horrific, it’s disgusting by the amount of hate that is present in our communities. While we can’t always stop these crimes from happening, I believe it’s important for us to be prepared for altercations like these. Whether it may be taking self defense classes or carrying pepper spray, personally I carry a taser and a steel baton on me because I too am afraid I would be a target of a hate crime (like many of us). And if ever, I will be prepared to try my best to defend myself and spare my own life.

  • CleJoke

    Or just don’t go out after midnight.

  • keep it real

    I hope they catch them stuff like that makes me so mad…..Leave people alone if you donot like there lifestyle…

  • Vartan X.

    We are responsible for our safety. Gun regulations or hate crime laws, while providing some form of prevention or deterrent, will not rid of crime against gays, or any other oppressed minority, entirely. I suggest every gay and lesbian of this country obtain a legal firearm, get proper training in armed self-defense, and carry a weapon as long as you have a permit in a state where it’s legal to carry. But, it will never going to happen since our “leaders” are anti-gun. Now, go ahead, call me a “republican”, “conservative”, “Log Cabinet” or some other garbage. I am guilty of wanting my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to be safe! How dare I!

  • CleJoke


  • Scribe38

    @CleJoke: You are a [email protected] piece of shit! Throw back on your white Klan hood and shut the hell up.

  • svenson8

    I agree with Scribe38. I’m a white guy, but certainly am aware that there are black, Hispanic, Asian, and other minority gays who are very negatively affected by this latest attack. I am also aware that there are many black, Hispanic, Asian, and other minority straight people who find this attack just as repugnant as we do. Why is this suddenly a racial issue? Because we’re persecuted, we should persecute others? Makes no sense. Let’s keep the focus where it belongs–Hate crimes are wrong and we need to do all that we can to rid the world of them.

  • CleJoke


  • CleJoke

    Forget the clan… eastern European here, my country was on the German and Italian side of the war.

  • Stache1

    @Scribe38: When I see a group of black, Hispanic young guys together in a questionable neighborhood i do what this guy tried to do. It’s called racial profiling or just common sense. It may not be very PC but it is what it is.

  • erasure25

    @Stache1: Admittedly, when I was on a road trip, there were a bunch of white cowboys outside a restaurant, and I decided not to go in and drove to another place being a non-white gay guy… It goes both ways. I’m not proud of that, but sometimes you do get these non-PC gut instincts…

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