Gay Man Fathers 10 Kids With Nine Different Women In 13 Months

JS66640351Meet Kenzie Kilpatrick. The openly gay 26-year-old man just welcomed his tenth child in 13 months.

Say what?!

Kilpatrick is a serial sperm donor. Last June, he launched a private Facebook group called Drama Free UK Sperm Donors, which he uses to connect with women looking for sperm donors but who didn’t want to go through the trouble or expense of dealing with a sperm bank.

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“To know I’ve helped people who have suffered for so long, desperately wanting to have a baby, has been my biggest motivator,” he tells the Sunday Mercury. “I also feel incredible knowing that I will have ten babies out there continuing my genes.”

It’s a pretty laid-back operation. Basically, after being contacted by women, Kilpatrick arranges to meet with them either at their homes or in a hotel room. He produces the sperm sample and then the women artificially inseminate themselves using a syringe.

So far he’s worked with nine different couples, fathering a total of ten children in a little over a year. The only compensation he asks for is travel and accommodation expenses.

“It seems that I am incredibly fertile,” he boasts. “And as a man that does give me a sense of pride.”

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But that’s not to say there haven’t been a few hiccups along the way.

“There was one woman who conceived but then suddenly changed her mind and said she wanted an abortion,” he explains. “I was devastated. I even offered to look after the baby myself if she felt that strongly; however, in the end she suffered a miscarriage.”

After helping nine couples conceive children, Kilpatrick says his days as a free sperm donor are winding down. He’s no longer donating to new couples, though he has promised to provide more to women he’s already worked with so their children can share the same DNA.

“I have helped people to make a family, something they have truly longed for,” he says. “You can’t beat the feeling that gives you.”

He continues, “I am desperate for a child of my own and I have found a lesbian couple who want to co-parent with me.”

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h/t: Birmingham Mail