Gay Man Found Bound, Gagged—And Murdered—Inside His Chelsea Apt

John Laubach, a gay insurance executive living in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, was found murdered in his apartment Friday night, reports the Daily News.

Laubach, 55, was found in his bedroom with duct tape across his mouth, his hands bound with an electrical cord and a towel draped over his head. He was naked except for a white T-shirt.

A friend who knew Laubach (right) told Queerty he was very active at the Church of the Ascension, an LGBT-friendly house of worship on Fifth Avenue.

Police are currently questioning a “person of interest” in the case. Though Laubach’s studio apartment was ransacked, there was no sign of forced entry—suggesting he might have known his murderer.

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  • James

    Sounds like a hook up gone wrong.That kid looks really young to.

  • Sukhrajah

    My respects and condolences go out to the friends and family of this departed soul.

    I wonder, though, how something like this can be avoided. Do we need more PSAs on safer-sexual environments? How do you guys do it? I mean, how do you remain safe when alone and in situations like this?

  • Fitz

    Even if it was a hookup gone badly… we are (or should be) able to do hookups
    without getting murdered. I hope his family is ok. sadness.

  • Spike

    Sounds like an upcoming episode of Law & Order SVU

  • chip1218

    The Evening News in NY (Forgot if it was NBC4 of Fox5) was reporting he met his hookup on

  • James

    @Fitz: True but guys should be aware of how dangerous it are taking a risk,plus this guy seemed to old to be hooking up.At his age he should have had a bf.

  • CBRad

    @James: I’ll have to disagree with that one. There don’t have to be any set rules. There are straight men, too, who stay single and use prostitutes regularly. People don’t HAVE to have a bf or gf.

  • Ogre Magi

    A Christian soliciting prostitutes????? For SHAME

  • Fitz

    Please. When/if you get to be his age, then you can tell me that tricking isn’t something you “should” do. What’s the point of being gay if your still obsessed with rules and shoulds? Not everyone wants a BF. And not everyone wants monogamy. Get over yourselves. The guy was horny, he hooked up. It went badly. Statistically bound to happen considering how many of us get laid once in a while.

  • Hyhybt

    @Sukhrajah: How about starting with “if you want to have sex with complete strangers, at least keep your limbs free. If you’re into being tied up and gagged, stick with people you know?”

    @Ogre Magi: Churches are not for the perfect, even if some like to pretend they are.

  • Friend of Deceased

    I’ve known the deceased for about 35 years. When he was in his 20s he liked guys in their 20s and his tastes never changed so please don’t sit in judgment of his preference for younger men. For reasons that only John could answer he was not one who was interested in a long-term relationship with another man. That’s not a crime but a preference so please don’t sit in judgment of that. Did he take risks by meeting young guys through a web site that caters to men interested in hiring other men for companionship? Obviously the answer to that question is ‘yes’. People, especially men(gay or straight) do things that are driven by hormones that they later reflect on as not the best choices but that’s part of the human condition for some of us so again, how about reserving judgment when none of us are perfect? And for the people who make comments like “if you want to have sex with complete strangers, at least keep your limbs free. If you’re into being tied up and gagged, stick with people you know?” Unless you were there, how do you know that the deceased consented to being bound and duct-taped? Did you read that the man had suffered two strokes and was not in top physical condition? Did you also not read that there were two men seen with him going to his apartment that night? How about if we postulate that it was a hook-up that was consensual that for whatever reason turned bad and that possibly the two visitors overwhelmed John, bound him and duct-taped him and then maybe he suffered a stroke or accidentally suffocated while they were robbing him? That could be a possibility couldn’t it? It might be a good idea to exercise a little compassion in this situation since none of us always make the right choices. And where is it written that someone can’t have faith in a religion while at the same time exercising free choice when it comes to consensual sex? John didn’t set out to hurt anyone when he met these two men. He only wanted to get off. Stop the judging and hating folks!

  • booth

    It is sad as well as disrespectful to dismiss and trivialize this mans life and death. What it shows me is a lack of compassion and maturity. Just what we need, more vapid snide queens. I have a news flash for you…..;life is complicated and if you can live your life without hurting others and perhaps leave a bit of good behind…you have been one of the few. May the horror this man felt before he died be something none of you have to experience.

  • Jayson

    @Friend of Deceased: Not for nothing, but just looking at these two thugs, one should immediately sense a criminal element. With disease and murderers running rampant, why are people still attracted to garbage? Is it so sexy to be killed by minorities? Perhaps it’s time for more men to consider getting involved in monogamous relationships with quality guys and stop seeking out garbage that will inevitably cause their downfall. We fight for justice and respect but act in a way that make people lose their respect. As for the gentleman that was killed, may he rest in peace. I hope these low life’s rot!

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