Gay Man Gets 18 Months In Prison After Performing Oral Sex On Sleeping Hetero Guy


Dale Everard has learned the hard way why it’s really not a good idea to perform oral sex on another person without their consent, especially when that person is straight, passed out drunk, with his girlfriend just a few feet away.

The 22-year-old Scottish man was found guilty of sexual assault in a Dunfermline Sheriff Court this week.

The incident happened in May of last year after Everard met the man and his girlfriend at a bar. Everard and the girlfriend hung out together all night. At some point in the evening, the victim left the pair to go back to he and his girlfriend’s shared apartment. Later that night, the girlfriend invited Everard back to the apartment to keep hanging out. Once there, the girlfriend passed out on the sofa. Meanwhile, Everard and the victim fell asleep in the couple’s bed, fully clothed.

Hours later, the victim awoke to find someone giving him oral sex in the dark. Assuming it was his girlfriend, he kept his eyes closed. When he finally opened them, however, he was “in a state of shock and anger” to see it was actually Everard.

“You liked it,” Everard allegedly taunted him before running out of the apartment. He later sent a message to the girlfriend on Facebook telling her: “Your boyfriend needs to calm down.”

This week, Everard was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the incident. He has also been placed on the register of sex offenders.

“This was a serious offense carried out with considerable forethought,” Sherrif Craig McSherry told the young man. “You befriended the victim’s girlfriend, went back to the flat with her, entered the bedroom and carried out the sexual assault.”

Everard’s attorney, Stephen Morrison, said his client was “ashamed” and “appalled” by what he had done and claims it never would have happened had he not been intoxicated.

h/t: UK Courier