Gay Man “Kidnaps” Ex’s Baby, Flees To Israel

A Manhattan man’s on pins and needles today after his ex-husband snatched their son and fled to Israel.

Joshua Glazer and Eric Hyett married four years ago in Massachusetts, but things went south and the couple broke up, but not before adopting a baby son, Jedidiah.

Then, last weekend, while having a court sanctioned visitation, Hyett decided to take Jedidiah and run away to Tel Aviv. And he says he’s not coming back.

…When Hyett picked the boy up last Thursday he asked for two more days because he wanted to take Jedidiah to Boston to visit his grandparents.

Glazer said yes.

“They were supposed to come back by noon Tuesday instead of Sunday,” said Glazer. “But by 12:15, I was already starting to get worried. I knew something was up.”

Police said Hyett sent an e-mail to a former attorney for Glazer in which he said he and the boy had arrived safely in Tel Aviv.

He gave his phone number and wrote to Glazer, “You won’t see your son again.”

The NYPD has now asked the State Department for help in tracking down Hyett – and, more importantly, Jedidiah. The Department says it will now work with Israeli diplomats to settle the distressing matter.