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Gay Man Marries Straight Woman (For The Sake Of Art), And Riles Up The Crazies

Paul Cartwright, 20, and Nora Battenberg-Cartwright, 21, must think they’re sooooo clever. The fine arts majors at the University of Worcester in Britain went and got themselves married — as part of an art project. You see, Paul is a homosexual man. Nora, a heterosexual woman. See what this is TERRIBLY OFFENSIVE?!

“By marrying ourselves we were in effect marrying art,” says Nora, who is German. “If we ever decided that we got to the point where we wanted to marry another person, that would be the end of the art career, really. But neither of us can see it on the cards, both of us expect to be old and married and continuing together. The marriage is kind of the foundation of our art. We do love each other, but in a different way.” And it’s not like they’re ignorant to the perks of having a full-blown marriage that’ll never be consummated: their union is “more honest” because they can talk about their boyfriends with each other.

Naturally, their love affair — which was sealed in a Dec. 29 ceremony in Germany, where gays cannot marry – -has its critics. Like Stephen Green, the BBC’s favorite homosexuality expert: “They are denigrating the institution of marriage itself. Marriage is not an art project, it is the life-long union of man and woman and part of that is the sexual act which is there for companionship and the raising of children. At the ages of 20 and 21 you think you are invincible and think you can do anything but marriage is not just between the couple concerned, it is between them and the wider community. If their parents have gone along with this charade they are equally as guilty of denigrating the whole institution of marriage and bringing the University of Worcester into disrepute. If I was marking them I’d give them no marks – what has being married got to do with art? Marriage is under attack from homosexual and civil partnerships which are an attempt to downgrade it. It appears to be no co-incidence that the ‘husband’ is a gay man.”

For once, Mr. Green is right. It was no coincidence the husband (ooh, let’s put it in air quotes like Green, “husband”) is a gay man. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be an art project. It would just be two young people of the opposite sex entering into a legal arrangement that was likely to end in a broken home.

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