Three Vote Recount Turns Tables

Gay Man Out As Vallejo Mayor

Gary Cloutier‘s short mayoral career has come to an end. The California-based homo-politico “won” Vallejo, California’s election last month. Another look at the ballots, however, reveals that Cloutier did not, in fact, win.

Two days after Gary Cloutier was sworn in as the city’s chief, a recount of ballots cast in the Nov. 6 mayoral election showed that he lost by a mere three votes.

The city’s new mayor is former Solano County Supervisor Osby Davis, according to results posted Thursday by the county elections department.

Both candidates were tied on election day, but elections officials declared Cloutier, 45, the winner after tallying all absentee ballots.

Davis, 62, asked for a recount, and the results showed that he finished with 5,718 votes to Cloutier’s 5,715.

Cloutier would have been Vallejo’s first gay mayor. Davis is the town’s first black mayor. At least there’s a first something, right?