Gay Man Rallies Against Barack Obama

There’s no doubt that this year’s primary season tested Democrats’ patience. Not only did it drag on longer than a bad date, but the complex and often irksome superdelegate system – coupled with the Florida and Michigan debates – made this year’s election seem more like a drama than a political process. Now that the Democrats have their nominee, Barack Obama, a gay man by the name of Will Bower hopes to dismantle months of hard work:

[Bower] said he helped establish the grassroots group Party Unity, My Ass this month to connect voters who are angry that Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee.

“I feel that Barack Obama is an anti-democratically chosen candidate,” he said. “I think it’s the worst of the system that has put him at the top of the ticket.”

Among his chief complaints are that Obama’s campaign did not accept plans to allow new primary votes in Florida and Michigan after the states violated party rules and saw their primaries effectively nullified, and that the Democratic National Committee did not appropriately handle the delegate disputes in those states.

“The most important issue to me is the democratic principle itself,” he said on Fox News. “I see this season as having put forth an anti-democratically elected candidate. So for me, that’s the biggest issue of all. And if we go down a path, where, you know, the parties don’t uphold democratic principles, then who’s going to uphold democratic principles? So that’s my biggest issue of all and that transcends Republican or Democrat.”

You know what? We hate to break it to you, Bower, but the United States doesn’t uphold democratic principles. First of all, we don’t have a proportional system, which means that our system’s basically zero sum: you win or you lose, there’s no power sharing and, thus, millions of people get counted out. It sucks, yes, but that’s just the way it is. More importantly, however, is that the Democratic party, like all private organizations, has its own rules. Michigan and Florida’s respective parties broke those rules. Barack Obama was simply playing by them. If people are still pissed about the primary’s complicated process, they should just get out of the party, rather than trying to dismantle it.

If people really cared about the party, they would follow Hillary Clinton‘s advice and back Barack Obama. It seems, however, that some are simply too selfish to understand the nuance of our nation’s political process.