love is a battlefield

Gay man receives outpouring of support after being ignored by 6’5 top on Grindr

They say love is a battlefield. So is trying to find a decent hookup on Grindr. And nobody understands this better than, well, anyone with a Grindr profile, but especially Twitter user @Snortmaiden.

The other day, @Snortmaiden took to social media to vent about how he couldn’t find a damn top.

“6ft 5 top on Grindr ignored my tap,” he lamented.

Almost immediately, he began receiving a flood of support from other Grindr users who could relate and a few taller tops willing to help out. The tweet ended up getting over 1,200 likes and dozens of comments.

Here’s how people responded…

Here’s hoping @Snortmaiden eventually finds the top he’s looking for.

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