Gay Man Who Gave and Took Stella’s Groove To Pen Book

‘Tis the season for ex-spouses to spill the beans. First, came news of Jim McGreevey’s ex-wife Dina Matos McGreevey‘s book, Silent Partner. Now there’s word that author Terry McMillan‘s ex-husband Jonathan Plummer has signed a deal with Simon & Schuster to pen a “fictionalized” account of his life with McMillan entitled, Balancing Act. Oh, brilliant. (But, what do you expect? Simon and Schuster did publish J. McGreevey’s book, The Confesssion.)

Of the book, Plummer says:

A black woman scorned is the worst kind of scorn – and I’ve felt it from Terry. That’s why I’m doing this (book) — to help (black men who have come out of the closet) and to give my spin on things.

And when he says spin, he means perpetuate stereotypes about black women to scare the sissies straight…or, rather, gay.

It surely has nothing to do with the fact that he’s broken and McMillan refused to cough up hush money. No, definitely not – just ignore the fact that he apparently called The Chronicle later the same day to inquire, “…Do you think you could mention where I work – the Diablo Beauty Salon in Danville? I could use the clients.”

For her part, McMillan reacted with, shall we say, a bit of anger.

He is like a fucking Duracell, and I want him out of my fucking life, and he won’t let me out of his life. I can’t live like this… I just do not want to end up dead because no one did anything to stop him.

Please, girl, don’t be so dramatic. You’re not going to die. In fact, this can only do good things for you. Unless, of course, Oprah invites him back for some more publicity. Then you’ll have been fucked by your own groove: a humiliating end, indeed…

(Side-note: where the fuck do people come up with these passionless, utterly transparent titles? It makes us want to wretch.)