Gay Man Will Live To Think About What He’s Done

A Chicago justice sparred spared Nicholas Gutierrez his life. A court found the 23-year old gay guilty of the 2002 rape and murder his female funeral home co-worker, 51-year old Mary Stachowicz.

The peers apparently got along swimmingly, but things took a fatal turn when Gutizerrez came out.

365 Gay provides the gory details:

On the day of the murder she allegedly asked him “Why do you have sex with boys instead of girls?”

He flew into a rage and beat, raped, stabbed and strangled Stachowicz in an apartment above the funeral parlor.

He then wrapped the body in bedsheets, placed the wrapped body into a plastic garbage bag and stuffed it into a crawlspace.

Gutierrez claimed Stachowicz’s reaction recalled his mother’s abuse, which Gutierrez’s lawyers pleaded be considered in his sentencing.

While Gutierrez and his team are certainly celebrating, Stachowicz’s daughter wants more justice, “Knowing exactly what he did to my mother, he absolutely, 100 percent deserved the death penalty.” C’mon! The man’s obviously not well – he’s gay and yet he felt compelled to rape Stachowicz. Obviously there’s something seriously wrong here, and not just his murderous urges.

Of course, we’re not inclined to support the death penalty, so perhaps we’re biased.