Win Comes Under Drunken Cloud

Gay Man Wins Vallejo Mayoral Election

The good people of Vallejo, California finally have a mayor. After a painstakingly long recount, election officials have unofficially crowned homo-politico Gary Cloutier the town’s new leader. We’re sure Cloutier won’t use his new position to weasel out of this weekend’s public intoxication arrest, for which he’s since apologized:

Two hours after Vallejo Councilman Gary Cloutier issued an apology today for his weekend public intoxication arrest in Palm Springs, election officials declared him the “unofficial” winner in the city’s tight mayoral race.

At a morning press conference before more than 100 people at City Hall in downtown Vallejo, Cloutier delivered a short statement that he was sorry for being drunk in public, calling it a “foolish mistake” and stressing he takes the issue seriously.

Meanwhile, county election officials said they finished counting remaining votes in the Vallejo’s mayoral race, and Cloutier won by four votes over former county supervisor Osby Davis.

The votes have yet to receive final authorization, but when they do there’s totally a rager at Cloutier’s crib.