Gay Man’s Body Found in NYC

The body of 55-year old gay NYC resident, John Canora was found dead today. It appears as if one or more assailants had beat him to death with a baseball bat, wrapped his body in a carpet and left his body in a basement corner. Apparently Canora’s relative began to worry after not hearing from him for several weeks, went to his house and followed a trail of blood to the gruesome discovery.
It’s an unfortunate case with more than a few suspicious angles. As 365 Gay reports:

The New York Times quotes a neighbor as saying Canora regularly hired young men to work on the yard and the house and that recently a set of keys had disappeared. The neighbor told the Times that Canora had changed his locks but was concerned about the keys.

Further, man was pulled over two weeks ago in Canora’s unreportedly-stolen car, but police let him go after Canora didn’t pick up their calls. He didn’t pick up, of course, because he was dead.

There’s also some conjecture that Canora’s death resulted from a bandit pretending to be a trick a la Michael Sandy. Police are hoping that the building’s security tapes will help lead to the people responsible.