Gay Man’s Murder Sick

Alejandro Fuentes Mejia’s life came to a distressing, disturbing end earlier this week. Acapulco Police found the 48-year old Mexican national’s body last week – and the details are absolutely sickening:

The body of 48-year old Alejandro Fuentes Mejia was found on the morning of February 21st with his hands tied behind his back in a dirt road that cut through a park near his place of employment.

Mejia had last been seen the day before at his place of work – the Institute of Social Security and Services – and was still wearing his work uniform. His body showed signs of torture and indications that he had been stoned to death.

The most shocking part? A sign made out of yellow cardboard that was left on the body that read “This is what happens to me for going around infecting people with AIDS.”

That’s just – so many things, all of them bad.