Gay Marriage Activists Fight Back At “Incendiary” Commercial

It’s getting hot in California!

The activists with No on 8 – the group fighting Proposition 8, a ballot initiative aimed at overturning this year’s gay marriage win – have called out their lawyers to take on this inflammatory commercial put out by the Yes on 8 side, also known as homophobic bigots looking to eliminate Americans’ rights.

The commercial in question – which features a professor from Pepperdine University – claims gay marriage in California will let loose a flood of “gay agenda” education. Because, you know, letting a little gay boy know he’s okay would be an act of vicious sin. Countering the lies and incendiary activist, the No on 8 lawyers are calling on networks to put moratorium on the advert.

No on 8 campaign manager Steve Smith remarked:

Their ads are full of lies and this memo makes that clear. There is nothing in Prop 8 about teaching children in our schools, nothing that would affect religion or religious institutions in any way, and Pepperdine University has made it clear they aren’t involved in the Yes Campaign in any way.

Lots of campaigns stretch the truth, but these ads go way beyond that. The Yes on 8 Campaign ads are false and misleading and are meant to scare the public. These ads go way beyond what we’ve ever seen in past campaigns. They must come off the air.


Here’s a copy of the letter sent to California’s media.