Gay Marriage Bill Introduced In Maine

Usually, when we slug a headline like that, it means we’re about to tell you about a measure being introduced that would strip gays and lesbians of any chance to be married, wouldn’t cha know? But, the Pine Tree State’s not looking to ban gay marriage, it’s looking to enact it.

The Boston Globe reports:

“Sen. Dennis Damon said he is introducing a bill to rewrite Maine’s existing statute that defines marriage as between one man and one woman, instead defining it as a union between two people. In addition, it recognizes gay marriages from other states.

Damon, D-Trenton, answered critics who questioned the timing of the bill as lawmakers face a $838 million shortfall by saying it’s “long overdue.”

“Currently there is discrimination. Heterosexual couples who have decided to spend their lives together are treated differently than same-sex couples who have … that same commitment to each other,” Damon said. “I don’t see the fairness of that. I don’t see the need for that, and this bill will put an end to that.”

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  • BrianZ

    It’s nice to see a politician who actually _does_ something rather than just paying it lip service, sacrificing his/her beliefs to “get elected”, etc. Oh did that sound too much like sarcasm? I’m (not) sorry.

    Great job Dennis. I hope the bill passes.

  • Anarchos

    I don’t think Dennis is spurred to action alone in this. The people (lawyers? others?) who stirred things up to get Mass and CT on board have publicly stated that they had the goal of creating marriage equality throughout all of New England within a certain time frame.

  • kevport

    already people are pulling out the “well lets legalize pedophilia and beastiality too” crap. one day in and its already to that point. it is too bad that many people believe that this issue is not important to them, or important to the development of our state. It will most certainly increase state revenue in taxes and the money the whole state enjoys from our lifeline-tourism.
    Imagine knowing that a state as beautiful as maine is, is pretty on the inside too.

  • sam

    I’ve never been prouder to hail from the Great White North as I am now. I’m sure my mom and stepdad, who were once probably the state’s only hetero domestic partners, and whose wedding was officiated by a lesbian, are ecstatic also.

  • Michael W.

    @BrianZ: Lol, it’s fuckin’ Maine. You’re going to compare New England politics to presidential politics? There’s no risk for this senator.

    Develop some perspective, Clintonista.

  • spgorm

    Michael W. is more correct than he may realize. Sen. Damon is a local boy (not from away) from Bar Harbor and represents the New England equivalent of Mount Shasta Republic. Summah residents include David Rockefeller, Martha Stewart, and the last Brooke Astor’s daughter-in-law. It is far and away the greenest and most liberal district in the state and surrounded overly poor and overly proud conservative districts. so yes, there is almost no risk, but there are term limits.

    The key to all of this is Governor Baldacci. He is not exactly loved and wants to be. This bill could easily pass and Baldacci could easily throw us under the bus by saying that this bill needs to be ratified by “the people by referendum” and veto it. Sen. Olympia Snowe’s husband John McKernan did just that after the lgbt anti discrimination rights passed both Maine House and Senate. That explains why there are only two log cabin republicans in the entire state.

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