Gay-Marriage Bills Introduced In Australian Parliament But Their Fate Looks Grim

Two bills legalizing same-sex marriage were introduced into the Australian Parliament this week but, as the AP reports, both could suffer a quick death.The two bills are essentially identical—both would lift the country’s current ban on gay marriages without forcing clergy to perform a ceremony inconsistent with their religion.One was introduced by the radical Greens Party and the other by a lawmaker from the more mainstream Labor Party.But, as Greens representative Adam Bandt explains, neither one has a good chance of passing right now. “We know that as things stand, if either of these bills is put to a vote now, we know it will fail,” he said.

The fight for marriage equality in Australia has taken as many twists and turns as it has here in the States. Though the ruling Labor Party recently changed its platform to support same-sex marriage, Prime Minister Julia Gillard (a Labor member herself) has come out against it, saying that marriage between a man and a woman has a “special status.”