Wisconsin Man Can Sue State To Overturn Ban

Gay Marriage Challenges Goes Forward

Wisconsin’s ban on gay marriage may be dissolved. A county judge ruled that Bill McConkey can sue the state for their allegedly unconstitutional 2006 referendum that prohibited same-sex nuptials.

[McConkey’s lawyer Lester] Pines said McConkey is trying to prove that the constitutional amendment, as it was submitted to the voters, violated Article 12 Section I of the Wisconsin Constitution.

Article 12 Section I states, according to Pines, that the Legislature must submit referendums to the voters separately. The amendment passed last fall posed two questions, Pines said.

The amendment says that marriage only between one man and one woman would be recognized in the state. It also states that legal status similar or identical to marriage would not be recognized. The amendment passed by 59 percent last year…

Wisconsin’s government can still appeal the decision, but haven’t said whether or not they will. If they do, well, this shit could be going on for years.