Gay Marriage Good For Health, Bad For Dating

gay marriage

We present yet another reason to feel depressed about not having a date for Valentine’s Day. Everyone knows that married breeders live longer but a new report says so do coupled queers. So does that mean a dateless February 14th is detrimental to your health? Well, probably not as much as a hunting trip with Dick Cheney.

Reports the report:

Gay “marriage” could boost the mental and physical health of homosexuals, doctors believe.

Rates of depression, drug abuse and cancer are higher in the gay community than among heterosexual people.

The report doesn’t reveal if bulging biceps and an ass of steel are also important physical health benefits. But we can’t think of much else that would help any queer land a man and, in turn, a walk down the aisle.

Gay marriage ‘is good for health’ [BBC]

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