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Gay Marriage Has Many “Friends” In California

Gay marriage remains a hot judicial ticket in California:

One reason why the California Supreme Court is taking so long to decide whether gay marriage is legal is that the issue has attracted more “friend of the court” briefs than any other case in recent memory, Chief Justice Ronald George said Tuesday.

George said the court has received 45 such briefs from 145 different organizations lobbying the state’s high court to decide the case in a variety of ways.

An array of civil rights groups and several cities have filed court documents in favor of gay marriage, while politically conservative and religious organizations filed papers supporting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s position opposing gay marriage.

Say what you will about us queers, but we sure do know how to pull in the heads…

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  • alex the sea turtle

    The governator hasn’t said that he objects to the gay marriage. It’s true that he vetoed legalizing it twice but his reasoning is that the voters passed a anti gay marriage law about 8 years ago and that he doesn’t want to over write the will of the people. He has said however, that if the courts rule in favor of gay marriage that’s ok.

    Short is I don’t think he personally is against he just isn’t going to sign it into law the way it’s been presented to him.

    Oh and I am not a governator supporter. never voted for him never would or will and I can’t wait till I can marry my partner of 11 years.

  • Zack

    faggits should be killed!!!!!!!!!!

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