Gay Marriage Key In Florida

While we’re on the subject of gay marriage and the presidential election, Florida’s proposed ban on same-sex nuptials could be essential this November:

[Florida] has a large evangelical community and where the presidential contest is shaping up to be tight.

According to the latest Quinnipiac University Swing State poll released on Wednesday, Obama’s lead over McCain in Florida is 47 percent to 43 percent — hardly a wide margin.

“Florida is close enough … that energized social conservatives could affect the outcome there,” said [Poli Sci professor Cal] Jillson.

Social conservatives are gearing up in Florida, where the amendment needs 60 percent support by voters to pass.

The issue could also heat up elsewhere if a couple from Kansas or some other heartland state gets married in California and then demands that local authorities recognize their union.

“This will have a strong galvanizing effect for the Republican base and that is the kind of thing that the McCain campaign needs,” said Michael Lindsay, a political sociologist at Rice University in Houston.

Gives you chills, doesn’t it?