Gay Marriage Must Not Reach Outer Space Or Sodomy Will Become An Intergalactic Plague, Ex-Ron Paul Staffer Says

outer-space-flight-critical-situations-23One of Ron Paul’s former campaign directors, Mike Health, has just issued a warning to his fellow Christians: Do everything in your power to stop gay marriage on the planet Earth before it reaches outer space and sodomy become an intergalactic plague on the entire universe!

In a new blog post, Health, who once warned that legalizing gay marriage would lead to crop failure and graffiti, started off by comparing gay rights to rabies.

“The virus is spreading rapidly,” Heath cautioned readers. “It won’t be enough to pervert the whole world with this evil anti-family worldview. Since the developed governments of the world aspire to colonizing planets we have to prepare for the export of sodomy to other worlds — to the entire universe!”

“I think it’s time for us Christians to flip open our communicators,” he said. “Beam me up Scotty.”

But it gets better.

“It’s like Satan, a rabid dog, sunk his fangs deep into the donkey flesh of our nation’s government,” Heath continued, “and now the deranged ass is infecting other nations.”

Rabies, he believes, can only be cured by vaccines before any symptoms appear.

“Paul the apostle points out in his letter to Roman Christians that you can tell when a nation has become a walking corpse when it has endorsed perverted sex,” Health concludes. “Is it too late for America to take the vaccine? Are the symptoms of judgment evident?”

h/t: Right Wing Watch