Gay Marriage Opponents Still Hiring Actors to Scare People in New Advertisements


Ahhh! How did come so late to the National Organization for Marriage Parody Party? We already wrapped up our 10 best parodies of the ridiculous ad from Maggie Gallagher’s camp, and now there’s an entrant with star power. Jason Lewis, Alicia Silverstone, George Takei, Lance Bass, and Sophia Bush all chip in. They even have a name for themselves: National Organization for Man Lady Marriage. And a website: (it’s not active, we checked). And clever writing: “A downpour of gay people threatening the way we live. And this gay rain army won’t stop. They’ll come at us, marching. Not marching, they’ll dance, they’ll dance at us. It’ll be choreographed, it’ll be good.” But do you know the worst part? They hired actors to make this commercial, not even including real people actually affected by this gay army!