Gay Marriage Roster: Know Who’s Against You

Know Thy Neighbor, a website launched in Massachusetts to identify residents who support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, it spreading its roots — to Florida. The controversial site, which lists the names of anyone who signed a petition to get the gay marriage ban bill in front of Congress, has teamed with a Jacksonville church to raise awareness of the gay marriage debate.

The sites’s supporters claim the searchable database meets two goals: fighting signature fraud and providing a means to engage in “open and meaningful dialogue” with petition signers. Others (the most vocal, of course, on the right-wing) are more skeptical: the site could just as easily be a means of breeding intimidation in those who don’t support your views. That is, the same way publicly listing the names and addresses of abortion doctors and supporters can encourage violence against them, even a list of publicly available information could do more harm than good.

Another website to list gay-marriage foes [Boston Globe]