Gay Marriage Showdown for New York

Gay marriage

Tomorrow is a big day for gay couples in New York. At 2pm, the Court of Appeals will hear four cases regarding same-sex marriage, which could finally settle the matter throughout the state (though, certainly, many predict legislators will have the final say).

The couples, represented by the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, will face off against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer, the Democrat vying for the governorship. What’s a little perplexing is how Bloomberg, who just announced his support for blocking the anti-gay marriage constitutional ammendment, can still logically back the “no gay marriage” position he’s long maintained.

Messrs. Bloomberg and Spitzer both say they will support changing the law if the court sides with them.

“The city cannot go and issue licenses when this is all up in the air,” Mr. Bloomberg told reporters before marching in a Memorial Day parade in Queens yesterday.

“If the courts decide that gay marriage is permitted, as the chief of the city, I will direct our city clerk to issue licenses,” Mr. Bloomberg said. He said that even if that happens, he will stick to his pledge of not personally officiating at marriages of anyone other than former mayors and his own children.

Fine by us — we’d rather not have an old stiff dampening our soirees, anyhow.

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