Gay Marriage Support From the ‘Others’


Since we’re big fans of gay marriage supporters, especially when those people speak up publicly about it, we point your attention to a letter to the editor in Massachusetts’ The Standard-Times. Most interesting? The letter writer and gay marriage advocate identifies himself as a “conservative Republican.”

Gay marriages hurt no one

Several weeks ago, a gentleman used the constitution to show all of us that the subject of gay marriage was nowhere to be found, so as to imply that there was nothing preventing each state or the union itself from it being made legal through an act of law. I fully agree with this assessment about gay marriage, even if I am a conservative Republican.

Who are any of us to judge another human being for wanting something that all of us who are heterosexual have: a marriage to someone we love and honor? How can a union of two men or two women who truly love one another hurt my marriage or, for that matter, affect me and my loving wife? The real answer: It cannot, nor should any of us have any reservations as to it happening in any way!

I think many have lost sight of the fact that even though some may choose to live a different way, they are still human beings with rights, feelings, emotions, needs and desires just like the rest of us, who are their brothers and sisters, if we want to look at the Creator’s attitude towards all of this.

I realize that this kind of thinking may get some in trouble with certain groups, but doesn’t love triumph over any doubts we may have as human beings? And why we are here in the first place concerning how we interact and respect others, who may not share our own particular beliefs on a certain subject or subjects?

Let us welcome our brothers and sisters who desire to find happiness, peace and love just as the rest of us also desire, and may we just take the time to get to know our gay brothers and sisters, for in doing so, we will come to realize that we do have so much in common.

Stephen M.

DiMarzo Jr.