Gay Men Can Now Give Blood In The UK… If They Don’t Get Laid For A Year

Creative Commons License photo credit: JuditK

England, Wales and Scotland have decided to partially lift their ban on gay blood this November 7th by allowing gay men to give blood as long as they have not had sex for a full calendar year before their donation.

Health officials say that the waiting time will allow HIV and Hep B to be detectable in the blood. For some reason, these same officials aren’t worried about Hep B and HIV in straight people’s blood because straight people don’t ever catch those diseases… and if they do they’re less deadly… or something.

So basically their new policy excludes most monogamous gay and bisexual donors as well as gay men who have safe-sex while allowing any straight poon hound to give blood whenever he wants. Nice

UK gay rights activist Peter Tatchell said, “Although the new policy is a big improvement on the existing? discriminatory rules, a 12 month ban is still excessive and unjustified. Most gay and bisexual men do not have HIV and will never have HIV.”

That’s the understatement of the month.