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Gay men dish on what it’s really like hooking up with straight dudes

What’s it like hooking up with a gay-for-pay adult film star? That’s what Davey Wavey wants to know.

The vlogger-turned-educational-gay-porn-producer recently sat down with Alex Mecum and Thyle Knoxx from to discuss their experiences working in the adult film industry.

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The guys talked about everything from how they got their starts in the business to how doing porn has changed their relationships with nudity and sex, and, of course, what it’s like having sex with straight dudes.

When asked about partnering with gay-for-pay actors, Mecum, a lifelong exhibitionist and former Mormon, says: “For me, I worked with a lot of gay-for-pay actors and sometimes I felt like I had a better connection with them than some of the gay people I worked with.”

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He continues, “That’s one thing I learned from doing porn, coming from a background where I had to compartmentalize everything, is that the world is actually full of people who are very diverse.” #wisdom.