Gay Men Don’t Like Vaginal Odor, Think Britney Spears Smells Like Vagina

While Tom Ford’s peddling cocaine-scented cologne, some genius Germans have bottled the sweet smell of the ‘Gina. While it’s tempting to call “Vulva” a perfume, the company insists the odor is, quite simply, “a beguiling vaginal scent…for your smelling pleasure”. Beguiling. Good choice of words.

In an effort to spread the vulvic love, Jezebel sent some of its finest correspondents into Chelsea’s homofied streets to do a little smell test. Armed with Vulva and Britney Spears’ latest queef, In Control, the bloggers asked a series of gay men to take a whiff and report back. And, guess what, the men preferred In Control. And, shockingly, “Vulva” made most of them think of Britney Spears. We wonder why.