Gay Men Eat “Too Sexually” And Other Absurdities Of Prejudice Exposed

Though the religious right has been doing a fine job keeping us thoroughly entertained with threats of divorce if same-sex marriage is made legal or declarations of war on gay marriage when it’s about to be the law of the land, a production company has decided to take it up a notch. Because, well, why not?

Bible-thumpers are excellent fodder for comedy, especially of late.

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“We Don’t Serve Gays” is the latest viral video from Equals Three, a web series produced by Ray William Johnson, that exposes the ridiculousness of homophobia. In the video, two gay men sit in a restaurant listening to all the reasons why the waitstaff can’t serve them. Some of the reasons include fear of gay germs on the flatware, concerns that the gay men eat “too sexually,” and problems with the restaurant’s WiFi due to the excessive use of Grindr.

Watch the absurdity below.