Bottoms up!

More and more gay men are getting anal botox and rejuvenation surgery

Anal bleaching is so 2007. These days, it’s all about anal botox and rejuvenation. At least, according to Dr. Evan Goldstein.

“Sometimes people come with really bad booties,” he tells Gay Pop Buzz.

Goldstein is founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical, which specializes in gay men’s health. A large part of what he does includes performing cosmetic surgeries on their butts.

“From an early age, I always knew I wanted to fix things–my building projects and general tinkering started very early,” he says.

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According to Goldstein, anal rejuvenation includes a wide range of procedures–from dealing with fissures or cuts, hemorrhoids, skin tags, to “maintaining ideal aesthetic and long-term functional needs, including sexual engagement.”

Why is this so important?

Well, Goldstein explains:

This hole we have is not only for defecating, it’s the gateway to sexual empowerment and needs to be viewed in an entirely different context. Professionals need to understand how it’s being used or wishes to be used, and how their patients can achieve these goals.

Goldstein also dabbles in anal botox, which is  precisely what it sounds like: botox applied to the anus to make it appear up to 20 years younger.

45-year-old Joseph is one of Goldstein’s patients. He recently had anal botox and, he says, it’s made a noticeable difference in his sex life.

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“I love it,” he says. “Everything looks normal again. I had sex with my husband, and it’s like, ‘Wow! I’m 20 years younger.’ This is not a stretched-out ass. It’s back to how it was when he met me 13 years ago.”

Another patient, Tom, says anal botox allowed him to once again enjoy sex after nearly seven years of not being unable to.

“It sounds crazy. People laugh, and they ask, ’Does your butthole look younger now?’” he says. “It probably does! But seriously, I identify with my sexuality very strongly, and I couldn’t receive anal sex for seven years. That was a big issue for me.”

He adds: “It was a victory. [Guys are] like, ’Wow, you have a beautiful butthole,’ which [makes] me feel so good. This is all I wanted, from the beginning—for this tiny little thing to look beautiful.”

Procedures from Dr. Goldstein can cost between $5,000 to $25,000.

“I never thought in a million years I would be doing what I am doing right now at this moment. But I must tell you it’s amazing, and so rewarding,” he says. “Both professionally and personally I have struck a great balance in my life and wake up every day feeling blessed.”

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