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Gay men need to zip up their pants and be better role models, Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown says

Karamo Brown from the Queer Eye reboot recently down with Gay Times to talk about everything that’s wrong with the gay community, starting with dating apps.

“I think they’re the worst,” Karamo says. “I think they’re horrible. I do not own an app and never have. I think dating apps are keeping us apart.”

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Not just that, he says, but he believes they “over-sexualize” gay men.

He continues:

When you talk about the apps that we have, they usually encourage, ‘Send me a photo,’ which is very vague. My photo has nothing to do with the person I am, the dreams I have, the family I want to build, the family I’m from. We’re in a culture now where, if I don’t like you, I don’t have to get to know you, I just have to swipe left. How horrible is that?

Karamo says he prefers meeting people at clubs or other public places.

“It’s much more fun,” he says. “I can’t tell you the last time I met a couple who said, ‘I met on Grindr or Scruff, and I’m in a long term relationship.’ It just does not happen.”

Karamo says he also isn’t a huge fan on Pride, mainly because he feels that, too, is “over-sexualized.”

For example, he recalls:

On the latest season of America’s Next Top Model they had an episode where they go to Los Angeles Pride, and the shots are of these go-go boys with their d*cks out and people grinding on each other, and I was like, “Oh my gosh – this can’t be the image this producer is sending out to middle America when they think about Pride.” It’s so much more than that. It’s about our struggle, our journey, our ancestors, how far we’ve come, and where we’re going.

Karamo believes when gay people act like “sexual deviants” it only validates people’s prejudices against the entire LGBTQ community. And that’s not cool.

“I can only equate it to the African American community where we’d be putting out images ourselves of violent crime movies,” he says. “It doesn’t mean that crime doesn’t happen in every community, but that’s perpetuating a stereotype that’s already there.”

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Also, Karama adds, it doesn’t send a good message to youth.

“Our youth are over-sexualized and it’s so sad,” he explains. “You think about Pride celebrations; I’ve never been able to bring my own children – except for maybe once or twice – or the youth I used to work with to Pride celebrations.”

Why not?

“Because for them to be walking down the street to be learning what it is to be a proud member of this community, and then see d*cks out… that’s just not healthy for a 15-year-old.”