Why Are Gay Men So Obsessed With Youth? Hunky Therapist Explains.


We’re well aware of the stereotype. Gay men are a sex-obsessed, youth-obsessed group who live in constant paralyzing fear of growing old. We’re also aware that this stereotype doesn’t apply to all, or even most, gay men. Yet it persists. Why? Because, like all stereotypes, there is at least an inkling of truth to it.

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Now, silver fox/psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey says he has the answer as to why so many gay men remain so fixated on staying youthful. He says that it all boils down to money and consumerism and the way companies market their products to younger people who are generally more likely to throw their cash away on frivolous things.

“At a baseline, what we’re talking about it money and consumerism,” Dempsey diagnoses. “Money talks. … When you’re younger, you’re more valuable.”

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This mentality then seeps into people’s psyches, making them believe what large corporations believe: that younger people are “worth” more, and so we do anything and everything we can to stay “worthy.”

“[We] want to reflect what we believe is most valuable because it’s just human nature,” Dempsey says. “We want to fit in. We want to belong. We want to know that we connect with others and that other people will see us valuable too.”


Check out Dempsey’s analysis below. Do you agree or disagree? Share your two cents in the comments section below…