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Gay Men Rejoice As Adam Levine’s Gay Brother Revealed To Be Hottie Too

In this month’s Out magazine, sex-on-legs rocker Adam Levine chats about his career, his disdain for the sexual politics on American Idol, and how his family knew his brother Michael was gay when he was in diapers.

“I can single-handedly dispel any ideas that sexuality is acquired,” he says, laughing. “Trust me, you’re born with it. My brother [Michael, at right] is gay, and we knew when he was two. We all knew.”

He also takes a dig at the competition, ragging on American Idol for allegedly pushing contestants to stay in the closet if they’re gay.

“What’s always pissed me off about Idol is wanting to mask that, for that to go unspoken,” he said. “C’mon. You can’t be publicly gay? At this point? On a singing competition? Give me a break. You can’t hide basic components of these people’s lives. The fact that ‘The Voice’ didn’t have any qualms about being completely about it is a great thing.”

Other useful tidbits Levine shares include:

1. “I just love being as naked as possible all the time — it feels really natural to me.”

2. “I’m extremely comfortable in my sexuality, so I can think, Oh, that’s a good-looking dude. Acknowledging that someone’s attractive and wanting to fuck a dude are two different things.”

3. “With a lot of guys who are hypersexual, it comes from some sort of disdain or dislike — they’re guys who love getting laid but don’t really respect women. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been totally promiscuous and slutty in my lifetime, because I have.”

A slutty gay-positive exhibitionist with a great voice and a killer bod? What more could we ask for. Well, besides a weekend alone with Levine in a remote Tahitian bungalow.

For more shirtless Adam Levine, check out the video for “Moves Like Jagger” below.

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  • christopher di spirito

    I’ve long had a fantasy of a hot brother/brother three way with me in the middle. These two would work fine, thank you very much.

  • Austin Armacost

    The title of this article is a bit “off.” I personally know Michael & he is not a (hottie.) he is a methed out, cokes up loser living in Los Angeles. Constantly talking about how close of friends he is with Lindsay Lohan but she would always ignore his calls when he tried to get in contact with her. Michael Levine is a hot mess!

  • phallus

    What’s the big deal about him being a hottie if he is as how #2 described him? That’s not someone I would want to consider a “hottie”.

  • Brandon Louis

    LOL Austin…tell it like it is!

  • Jeremy

    Mmm. He has nice upper arms, and a nice collar bone, but his pelvis is bony.

  • RomanHans

    @Austin Armacost: If you’re really the guy from A List Gay Housewives, you should probably avoid calling other people name-dropping wannabes *or* hot messes.

  • Kieran

    How did they know Michael was gay at two? Did he get a boner when a male changed him?

  • Bron

    Neither are that hot. (But, that’s okay. “..Eyes of the beholder” and all that..)

  • Bryan

    Good interview especially his comments on the sexuality issue at idols. But I still can’t figure out why everyone finds him so hot, there’s something about him that’s just off-putting for me. He’s by no means ugly, but I don’t find him attractive at all.

  • randy

    I just don’t get everybody and these damn tattoos all over their body. I find it gross on what would otherwise be a nice-looking man. Oh well…..

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Kieran: They found him singing along with the original cast recording of “Anyone Can Whistle”

  • jason

    Note how it’s always about having a brother or friend who is gay and not the actual musician. LOL. The truth is that this sort of statement is yet again a form of spin from the music industry. It’s a vain attempt to appear gay-friendly.

    Keep in mind that the major record companies will not generally sign an openly gay or bisexual male recording artist. Even if they did, they would not allow him to use his sexuality in his marketing.

    Women, on the other hand, are generally encouraged to say that they have “kissed a girl” by the very same people who prevent gay or bi guys from doing so.

  • Riker

    @phallus: Why do you assume that what Austin says is true? He provides no evidence, verifiable or not, to back up any of his claims. All he has is “well I know him and he’s a mess”, which is far from conclusive proof of dirtbaggery.

  • George412

    Adam is hot, but the brother is not.


    Does anyone else find the gay brother looking way more straight than Adam?

  • MFord

    Hot looking but too many tats for one body.

  • Bron

    I agree the gay brother actually looks straighter than the supposedly straight one. Adam Levine has gay face to me. That tiny little mouth that’s barely wider than his nose.

  • Bron

    (actually, Adam Levine looks like he should be added as Fran’s Drescher’s gay Jewish brother character on her new show)

  • Guillermo3

    Not sure what all the fuss is about/whether there should be any4 attemts_the video doesn’t work___stops after the woman w/the I HEART Mick postee.

  • Dick

    Nice Jewish boys shouldn’t have tattoos. Obviously he isn’t orthodox.

  • Ganondorf

    “sex-on-legs”? I agree with the content what he’s saying, if not the way he says it, but sex on legs? His tattoos are repulsive (as are all but the most discreet tattoos), and taking that out of the evaluation, he’s average. Hotter guys have pumped my gas or bagged my groceries (no offense, but c’mon). And I don’t want come down on him for his average looks, but he’s being sold as “sex on legs” here. He’s not. I hate to admit it (not really), because I don’t acknowledge of the existence of men over 35. However, the true measure of male beauty is genetic (a lot of people look good between 18-35, shall we say…). He’s average, but for most people, it will truly come to light when he’s past forty (and the face, which most people discount, but not some people). Anyway, good on him as the content is spot on.

  • Ganondorf


    Thankfully he’s not orthodox. Those ratty beards and clothes are quite off putting, to be honest (I say this as someone who comes from orthodox). I mean, if you don’t get tattoos because of where you want to be buried and religious prohibition, those reasons doesn’t rank very high in aesthetic theory. Maybe theological, which is important to some people who are silly.

  • mike128

    Adam Levine is attractive but not sexy to me as well. I wonder what that’s about, that so many people here seem to have that reaction.

  • Bron

    Ganondorf : I’m a NYC gentile, but do all Orthodox Jews have beards and ratty clothes. I know that’s the case with the Hasidim (a whole different thing, I know), but I’ve seen a few rather goodlooking men, clean-shaven, who always wear a yarmulke (at the gym), so I assumed they’re Orthodox.

  • Ganondorf



  • Interesting

    @Kieran: Liked the interview, but agree that part sounds like bullshit to me.

  • reed

    How can he possibly know that someone was gay at the age of two? If he says because he liked dolls, or playing with girl toys I’m gonna scream.

  • timothy

    Douche! I don’t see anything sexy about him at all. In fact I actively dislike him… spoiled, rich, well connected rebel from Brentwood??? Ummm no. I prefer my rock stars authentic. And yeah I’m almost 100 percent on him being bi (he’s too image obsessed to be gay)
    And I believe it about his brother
    PS. WTF is wrong with his voice… wtf does he know about testicles singing like Mariah Carey?
    End rant.

  • Ronbo

    To all the prancing queen haters:

    Adam gives all impressions of being a genuinely nice person – someone who doesn’t live his life in fear or hate. It could be an act; but remember, it’s your actions that define you.

    Your nasty, bitchy comments define YOU as nasty and bitchy. So what if you don’t like cute, lean, soft, rough and masculine-tough? We need more outspoken supporters like Levine.

    Who wants to live with someone (like these commenters) who chip away all the good qualitites trying to reveal something less attractive? See the good in people and perhaps your life will be a bit less shitty. You create your own heaven or hell.

  • Chris M NYC

    I have to second what AA says: I went on a single date with Michael when I lived in L.A., and, unfortunately he is not as attractive as this picture makes him and is quite the laaaady. All in all, one could get over those two things, but throw in his constant name-dropping and how he mentioned his brother every five seconds, he is definitely, in my opinion, far far far from hot.

    It might be your thing, but not mine so I disagree with this headline.

  • Chris M NYC

    I have to second what AA says: I went on a single date with Michael when I lived in L.A., and, unfortunately he is not as attractive as this picture makes him and is quite the laaaady. All in all, one could get over those two things, but throw in his constant name-dropping and how he mentioned his brother every five seconds, he is definitely, in my opinion, far far far from hot.

    The gay men who know him are certainly not rejoicing, Queerty.

  • rascal

    @Ronbo: Cry me a river. Are you trying to get the Brownie Citizenship pin this week?

  • Jeff in NYC

    @Ronbo: Totally agree…a lot of the guys on here obviously got tons of shit as a kid and think it makes them better if they can treat people that way.

  • M


    Chris Evans, Ryan Kwanten now Adam Levine. All have gay brothers. I think Ryan might be gay as well, but that’s beside the point.

    To be fair, Jason, I think all three are gay friendly…but is this whole thing reeking of PR? Of course.

  • Jollysocks

    I’ve met Adam in real life and he’s actually quite good looking in person — and I’ve never been a Maroon 5 fan and never found him attractive until I met him. He’s more buff than he looks in this video.

    By the way — is this ‘Austin Armacost” poster supposed to be the Austin from the “A-List New York”?

  • Lee

    He’s OK – nothing to write home about. Saw him perform and thought he was attractive – these pics changed my mind.

  • alan Balehead

    looks a bit bloated….

  • timothy

    Stop the presses Ryan Kwanten aka the sexiest man alive has a gay brother… Googling…

  • dluke

    just to add to celebs with gay brothers – colin farrel and james franco

  • pinetree

    Why does Adam live with an Asian guy? It’s regularly reported in the media (“Levine now lives in the Hollywood Hills with close friend Gene Hong”) and Adam has said as much in interviews. Reminds me of Cary Grant and Randolph Scott.

  • M

    It’s suspicious, yes, but probably just a long time party buddy.

    Happens quite often here in La La Land.

  • Jayson

    Who’s Adam Levine? Touche’…signed Adam Lambert ;)

  • Another Adam

    I heard he has a small penis.

  • Kyle

    @Another Adam: My god you people are annoying.

  • April

    SO WHAT!?!? SO WHAT!?!? SO WHAT!?!? The majority of Americans are NOT gay and we shouldn’t be forced to just deal with your disgusting, flamboyent, in-your-face, confused lifestyle!!! Who gives a fuck who you prefer to fuck… this shouldn’t be a topic of discussion on American Idol anyway, so again, who gives a fuck?

    You people kill me (YES, “you people”) with your hypocritical standards. First, realize that this world owes you fags and carpet-munchers NOTHING. Ghandi said it! The civil rights movement has done nothing for us as blacks, so don’t expect it do much for GAYS. Second, if you want to be treated as EQUALS… why not act that way!? Normal people don’t hold “straight” parades, hang “straight” flags from public establishments and stick “straight” bumper stickers on their cars!!! Give it a fucking rest, already. No one cares and the only people making this whole GAY issue an “issue” are YOU PEOPLE!

    Quite frankly, I could care less about the gays. Your business is none of mine. I was not put on this earth to judge anyone, as I am not without flawas and I have enough trouble making sense of my own problems! However, I think alot of people would agree that what makes the notion of homosexuality hard to deal with is the DECEPTION, CONFUSION, LIES, DISEASE-SPREADING, TRICKERY and MENTAL INSTABILITY that comes with it. Men on the “down-low”, not knowing if they are gay or straight, playing with peoples emotions and spreading AIDS in the process! Little boys going around trying to imulate Beyonce! Transexuals deceiving unsuspecting men without any regard for themselves or the other person! Sorry, but I cannot accept (nor respect) a MAN that duck-tapes his penis, piles on makeup, parades around in stilettos and claims to be a WOMAN! There is nothing normal or sane about that. Regardless of who you like to sleep with, you cannot change what you were born with… and no amount of surgery, hormone pills or cosmetic will change that. Instead of spending that time trying to change who you are… spend that time learning to ACCEPT what you are, and learn to love it! FAGS — you will never bleed monthly, bare a child, breast-feed, or know what it’s like to be a woman. Trust me, it’s more than just esthetics (and alot of times you crossing-dressing clowns don’t even get THAT right)! So please, if you want America to accept you, maybe you should try accepting YOU, first. When I see a FAG, parading around the mall in attention-seeking attire that screams, “look at me”… the only thing I feel is sad for you. Sad that you’re confused and cannot learn to accept you… WITHOUT all the flamboyent and colorful personality you all seem to adopt when you come out of the closet. I don’t know whether you’re born with it, or if some man TOUCHED you as a child… either way, professional help is in order. Why you can you just be a MAN who loves MEN (and vice versa for women)??? At least that is respectable.

    Anyway, that’s my rant. I really don’t have any ill will against homos. I’m just sick and tired of hearing about it (there are MUCH more important issues going on in the world) and I wish you all would just go find an island — and live on it. I don’t really give a FUCK what you think about it either. I will feel the way I feel until I die. Some won’t like it but I guarantee that deep in your heart, you respect it and you know I’m right.

  • mike

    @April: you tell ’em sista! hahahahaha!

  • west

    @April: please educate yourself. your ignorance is much, much sadder to look at. haha

  • James

    @April: Wow! So much hatred here…yet your commenting on a gay website. I find it odd. Yet I do agree with the personal issue of just accepting who you are. No every gay person flaunts it. I live my life privately with my partner. No big hoopla…we’re here we’re queer and we just want to live as quiet a life as we can amongst all the haters in the world.

  • please

    Adam Levine is a fug.

  • booya

    April, I think it’d be much better to send “you people” to an island. ;)

  • jason

    At the end of the day, don’t look sight of the fact that the music industry is extremely, extremely homophobic when it comes to male-male sexuality. Record companies absolutely hate gay guys. They generally won’t sign them. If there’s one or two who have been signed, they are generally not permitted to use their sexuality in their marketing.

    You also need to remember that women are partly to blame for this. Women prop up the double standard which allows them to say they’ve “kissed a girl” even if it’s fake. Remember Katy Perry? Now, can you imagine a male American singer hitting number 1 with “I Kissed A Boy”? I can’t.

    Think deeply about this. We are being oppressed by the music industry. It is even more homophobic than the movie industry.

  • alan Balehead

    His brother looks bloated and stoned…

  • Daniel M

    Damn, my family didn’t know until I was four! Clearly, their gaydar wasn’t nearly as sharp as the Levine family’s.

  • John

    Ahhhhahahahaha thats funny Daniel.

  • shannon

    1. there is nothing “hot” about his brother …AT ALL…
    2. “orthodox jews” are nothing but white people who stole a religion ( and land ) from the TRUE “SEMITES” which means Black and half Black……who are the TRIBE OF JUDAH….
    3. They are NOT a race or ethnicity..

  • sdgman

    That was just a great song and video

  • Craig

    @Kieran: Sometimes it’s just natural intuition… It’s true, just a much as straight guys are born straight, gay guys are born gay – that’s just how it is.

  • kez

    @Bryan: Agree to Adams view about appreciating an attractive human, irrespective of their gender. Theres difference between land and waocean, so are the sexuality of an indiviual. OFCOURSE ADAM IS ATTRACTIVE, SLIM,SLEAK,SHY,NAUGHTY,WITTY,NICE BAND,SIMPLE,HUMBLE,…WHAT MORE ONE NEEDS ? AS FOR THE SWEAR WORDS, HE WILL CONTINUE TO SPEAK, AS LONG THE MEDIA’S GOING AFTER HIM ON THAT. HE IS AN ADULT, HE CAN DECIDE WHEN TO STOP.

  • Kell

    This is what I do not understand. Now I am not a gay man so I cannot understand what you go through and will not attempt to; however, I know that as all people you want to be accepted for who you are. All I see on this forum from people that are different and have been treated poorly by the masses is a lot of bashing of a person that could be a good guy. The point is he is happy with who he is – isn’t that enough. I don’t get it

  • ken


  • samuel

    @April: you must have had a boyfriend that went gay on you….

  • Darren

    Adam Levine is attractive in a suit, but completely gross looking with his shirt off. Tattoo are fine, but his are really bad and overdone. And on that lanky body, he just looks tweaked out. His brother may clean up well, but nothing in this picture say “hottie”

  • keke

    I agree with Randy, Tatts are gross and tacky. what a way to ruin a nice hot slim
    sexy body. all I can think of, I was bored in the trailer park one day, high on meth.
    so I got some ugly tatts.

  • Elmwood Mac

    At least he doesn’t Look Like Jagger. That surely is a good thing.

  • Talli

    wow, so much hate here. I personally find Adam Levine gorgeous, but that may be because I’m a 23 year old bisexual lady with tattoos of my own. If his brother isn’t attractive like this article states, just say that, don’t get super grumpy, being super grumpy doesn’t help. If you don’t like tattoos, don’t do people with tattoos, don’t get insulting, I’m not making fun of your face or something.

  • Tanja

    @Ronbo: completely agree. There is so much bitching and slagging about within the community, you’d think you have better things to do like fight for basic civil rights or something. ;)

    @April: “Quite frankly, I could care less about the gays. Your business is none of mine. I was not put on this earth to judge anyone, as I am not without flawas and I have enough trouble making sense of my own problems!”

    Well my dear, coming from a straight girl, the fact that you took the time to look for a gay website, read and article, take 45 minutes to write that comment AND decorate it with enough “FUCK”s and “FAG”s to make even the Westboro Baptist Church blush, I’d say you do care. I’d say you care SO MUCH that you spend your entire day getting worked up over that “FAG” at the mall. I’d say you care so much that you need to vent to someone, and as no-one in reality gives a shit about what you have to say, you come here expecting sympathy or a “Hmmm, yea she’s right, I am a fag” Problems? You certainly have MORE than enough of your own, yes ;) GOOD LUCK!

  • Yob Benami

    @phallus: That is if you believe Austin. Just because you see it in print doesn’t make it true.

  • deano oddly yes. Adam does look more gay. Lol he is hot. No homo. :p

  • Derek Washington

    He’s hot (Adam) and there are a bunch of really mean bitches here.

  • DM

    @booya: I am sure she isn’t a “sista”….lol Well she is entitled to her ideas as well. No love lost….

  • Guillermo3

    @April: You certainly can get all worked up over nothing,Bitch.Were you engaged to a gay guy or something?

  • D P

    @Ronbo: — I really like what you say and agree with you, Ronbo.

    And to Queerty, thanks for posting this. I must be REALLY behind the times, because I didn’t know who Maroon5 -or- Adam Levine was until I read this article today.

    For the record so its known: I think both Levine brothers are hot, but given a choice between the two, I’d take Adam. The only thing I find detracting are his ‘moves like Jagger’, but given everything else I’d overlook that.

    Oh, and I read somewhere above some commenter said the tattoos were a downer or something like that. Some other guys’ I find unattractive like when they try using color, but the way its done on Adam’s body makes it a plus to me. Has anyone had the experience of a tattoo’d hottie like Levine lay back and let you explore the artwork with your hands and mouth? [raises hand] I have. It was the better part of a Saturday afternoon/evening. I’m getting aroused just remembering that.

  • Guillermo3

    @April: Are you always on the rag,April? Somehow I doubt your showers[torrents?]
    will bring up any thing but infected flowers in May.

  • Rob Moore

    @April: Sweetness, we don’t really give a fuck what you think about it either.

  • bill(Guillermo3)

    Thanks,Rob!! Why would an April be posting here,anyway? She must really be a FUCKED-UP BITCH!

  • Jane


    My little spidey sense is telling me that this awful and unnecessary tirade would be the reaction of someone who caught her boyfriend watching gay porn. And don’t be mad that some post-op queens look better than you in a dress and heels, either. Gravity isn’t always kind to those belonging to the fairer sex… (it’s okay sweetie, at least those gnarly lumps of fat of yours can double as knee pads whenever you’re on your knees!).

    On behalf of straight people, I apologize for this miserable, ignorant and sad excuse for a woman. There is no “your people” or “my people”, damn it. Wake up, for heaven’s sake, there’s gay people all around us. Our whole society is influenced by gays and their culture isn’t just some silly flag-waving movement to make sodomy legal! I’d suggest to this April to get a life and get out more. Try to learn a little bit more about the reality of society, not every gay wants to be a woman, get implants and dress in drag. Being gay does not constitute to being a transvestite or a cross-dresser.

  • bill(Guillermo3)

    @ken: Silly,obvious question,ken[How’s Barbie,BTW?].”Who wants to fuck a midget”?_either a midget-fucker,or another midget.

  • jeffbelli

    @April: Baby? What you doin’ on this site? Go HATE somewhere else………………..

  • jeffbelli

    @April: oh, I am getting to the last line now…………….”know it deep in your heart”?……………..what? you know what a heart is?
    Oh, and you do have problems with ‘homos’…………re-read your own rant.

  • Mark

    Adam is a great looking man but that ink – just ruins it.

  • Brendon

    Ok I dont generally post for things like this but I am going to anyway

    1) Who cares if someone is gay, straight, African American, Asian American, South American HOT or NOT I think everyone should be treated with respect does it happen to the average person NO it does not, and you see it on a daily pasis and it really PISSES me off, Why are celebrities any better, Sure they are in the lime light constantly but when it gets right down to it, I see the average person on a more regular basis then I do any “Celebrity”

    I dont care that Adan is straight, or that he looks gayer then his gay brother, yes they are both attractive, but who the FUCK cares really, I see attractive people every day and in all races

    2) Slandering someone by calling them a HOT mess, really, it may be true and it may not be. but be careful anything you say can bite you in the ass in the future. it also deflates the validity of anything you post.

    3) Heterosexuality isn’t normal it is common.

  • Guillermo3

    @April: The problem with Queerty’s comments/replies system,like that of too many other sites,is that every timeI receive a new comment notice & want to reply,I have to look at ALL this SHIT again.
    SO:Having read your vicious,moronic screed again,April,I must say:”I will feel that way until I die” ? Really?!!!!
    Could you map that time arrive soon?

  • Guillermo3

    @pinetree: The crucial question,pine tree, :Is Gene Hong an admitted,or closeted, Asian?

  • Guillermo3

    @Brendon: Great remarks Brendon!!!!!!! But aren’t “average” and “normal” the same thing?Otherwise,how is normal defined? ACCEPTANCE of DIFFERENCE,of everyone and everything(well,maybe not ax-murders or child-molestors) is the key.

  • BlogShag

    Gee how shallow is this article? And if he’s anything like comment No. 2 describes him, why would anyone give him the time of day.

  • DoctorRobert

    @April: Wow, you must be a pretty miserable person…sorry ’bout your life hope it gets better or ends soon. I hate to think of someone in as much pain as you.

  • dale

    the man is hot tats and all and Mick Jagger should wish that he had moves like Adam

  • Brandon

    I find nothing hot about any of these folks.

  • Willies Wash'n Lube

    Adams got a gorgeous unique look. Sorta ruined with the scarring (tats) though. I would bet a benjamin he couldn’t pass a polygraph if asked “does sex with a guy really turn you on?”….100 bucks…you’re on Adam!

  • jane

    If you’re a gay, come out in the open and be yourself. Stop acting like real men with a hot body, making the wonen fall for you or lust on you.. No more hiding.. :)

  • brian

    WAAAAAH! TATTOOS ARE SO GROSSSS! WAAAAAAAH!!! get over yourselves.

  • Guillermo3

    @brian: Oh RELAX,brian,Please……Actually,while I have no tats myself,and am a bit long in the tooth to seriously consider being inked,I’ve gone from having a reaction similar to yours,I now find some of them SEXY_Safely transgressive.

  • blogshag

    Adam is the epitome of ugly to many people. Skinny, lean, thin, wiry, and (cough) too many tattoos

  • blogshag

    @brian: Some look nice, but most of them look gross, and that has to do with the style of creativity or lack thereof of the person that decided to get them

  • Tad

    The gay brother should visit the same surgeon who did his celeb brother’s nose though. He’d look better. It worked for Adam. He’s located in Beverly Hills.

  • mojo jojo

    @Elmwood Mac: i so love you for this lol

  • mojo jojo

    @Jane: i so agree.. and don’t worry honeys i’ll go kick her to the island lol

  • Guillermo3

    @shannon: After all the UTTER
    SILLINESS of this zombie line of comments[weeks & weeks &
    weeks of it],I get a late e-mail notice of a new post,and
    having to scroll through all this crap,see yours,shannon:
    WOW!!!UN-believable! Where do you get your “history”?From
    rejected fortune cookies? Were you high when you wrote your

  • gardendude

    He is hot, tats and all, but I am into skinny white dudes.

    Who cares if his brother is f—ed up, I mean this is not an article on sobriety and they live in LA, most hot gay guys are a little f—ed up there anyway. Austin is just a hater!

    Adam is cool cute and honest, a very f—able combination fo sho!

    April do you have way for me to contribute to your therapy bills? Cause honey, you are a hot mess fo realz.

  • Dustin

    @April: April, you are one psychotic mongoloid. You’re poor family. No one will miss you when you’re gone. Hopefully it will be soon.

  • Dustin

    @Dustin: …And of course I meant “your” instead of “you’re” LOL

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