Bloody Mess

Gay men still can’t give blood — and Trump appointee Tom Price could keep it that way


Imagine if you had the power to help save over a million lives a year, but the government was like, “nah, better not. Too gay.”

That’s what’s been going on for over thirty years, ever since the FDA banned blood and organ donations from men who have sex with men. Some other countries have lifted or reduced their bans with no negative results — so, what’s going on in the US?

Back in the 80s, when the ban was created, it was a best-guess effort to keep blood donations safe since there hadn’t been much research yet. We’ve learned a lot since then, so does the science support keeping the ban in place?

Well, no, of course not. But thanks to Trump appointee Tom Price, the ban could stay in place for many more years to come — with devastating impact on potentially millions of lives. Watch below for the full story, and prepare to be outraged: