Prison Officials Allow Conjugal Visits

Gay Mexican Prisoners Get Lucky

A queer convict in Mexico did some historic humping this weekend.

The man – known only as Ricardo N – got lucky after his love-seeking boyfriend, Augustin N., filed a human rights complaint against the prison for denying their right to screw. Not quite as romantic as imprisoned South African gays’ fight for marriage rights, but a step in the right direction.

The commission ruled against the Santa Martha Acatitla in February, saying such a penile penal prohibition counted as discrimination. Though the prison never publicly announced the coupling, the commission confirms that prison officials allowed boys to get down and dirty:

The Mexico City department of prisons and rehabilitation has allowed the first conjugal visit to an inmate with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual. [This is] an important step in terms of nondiscrimination regarding sexual preference.

And, we imagine, an important step for poor Ricardo’s limp wrists!

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  • WWH

    Isn’t the same fight happening at some California prison? What’s good for the straights is good for the gays, I supppose. But, I don’t understand why conjugal visits are allowed at all. Its prison and not supposed to be fun. And, if your S.O. happens to be a criminal, too bad for you – loss of consortium goes with the territory.

  • Ash

    Meh, how is the fact that prisoners get laid hurting you? It’s not. Get over it. Good for them.

  • robotcassie

    Hahahaha. :] I agree with Ash.
    I say let em screw each other senseless.

  • Graywolf48

    The purpose of conjugal visits is to reduce sexual tension and prison rape. I believe studies also show that conjugal visits reduce the incidents of violence. Now if prisons would only admit that sex goes on behind those bars, conjugal visits or not, perhaps they’ll start making condoms available to reduce the spread of HIV and STD’s.

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