Prison Officials Allow Conjugal Visits

Gay Mexican Prisoners Get Lucky

A queer convict in Mexico did some historic humping this weekend.

The man – known only as Ricardo N – got lucky after his love-seeking boyfriend, Augustin N., filed a human rights complaint against the prison for denying their right to screw. Not quite as romantic as imprisoned South African gays’ fight for marriage rights, but a step in the right direction.

The commission ruled against the Santa Martha Acatitla in February, saying such a penile penal prohibition counted as discrimination. Though the prison never publicly announced the coupling, the commission confirms that prison officials allowed boys to get down and dirty:

The Mexico City department of prisons and rehabilitation has allowed the first conjugal visit to an inmate with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual. [This is] an important step in terms of nondiscrimination regarding sexual preference.

And, we imagine, an important step for poor Ricardo’s limp wrists!