Gay Mormon Group Riles Mainstream Church

Gay Mormon group Affirmation sure rubbed the Church the wrong way yesterday.

As previously mentioned, the LA-based activists held a press conference to air their grievances after Mormon leaders postponed a scheduled meeting.

Affirmation executive director Olin Thomas told reporters he simply wanted to sit down and explain how the Church of Ladder-day Saints can create a more inclusive, less damning environment by accepting their gay brethren. They also seek a female staffer to counsel mothers who blame themselves for their child’s sexuality.

Assistant executive director David Melson echoed his leader’s statement, “I would like to see the church become a safe haven for all its members.”

LDS leaders, however, claim it’s Affirmation that’s creating tension.

Said LDS President Thomas Monson:

It has always been the intent of the church to engage in an open and honest discussion with Affirmation leaders to listen to their concerns. When the church was originally approached by Affirmation, church officials offered a much earlier meeting date. The meeting was put on hold until August at Affirmation’s request. The church asked for the same courtesy as it hires a new director of Family Services, a position crucial to this conversation.

A Church spokesman offered a more curt reply, “It appears from Affirmation’s actions today that it has opted for a public rather than private exchange.”

Affirmation says it hopes to continue conversations between the warring parties. Whether the Church will cool off remains to be seen.