Gay Mormon In Trouble

Latter Days

Buckley Jeppson is Mormon and married. But he’s not married to a woman, but a man–and this has become a big problem with his Church.

If he is excommunicated, Jeppson would make history by becoming the very first Mormon in a legal gay marriage to be figuratively spanked.

If you ask us, that doesn’t sound all that bad. But it sounds like Jeppson wants to stay put.

“I’m not attending in a dress or wearing a boa or anything,” Jeppson said. “I show up (to mass) in my suit and white shirt and split after sacrament meeting. I just want to participate and I want to worship quietly in a safe place.”

Jeppson isn’t expecting to change an entire Church’s point of view to accept homos for all that they are. Though we wish all religious types could transform from zealots to fag hags like Meryl Streep in Angels in America.

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