Gay Mormon Ty Mansfield Is Getting Married! To a Woman

Ty Mansfield is the gay Mormon behind In Quiet Desperation, the 2004 book, written at the request of the LDS Church, that he co-authored with the parents of Stuart Matis, the 32-year-old “same-gender attracted” Mormon who killed himself, telling his family in a suicide note that he took his own life because of his struggle rectifying his sexuality and faith. “Even if I don’t marry … I feel there’s still a definite place for me,” Mansfield told a reporter (see above video) several years ago. Well a congratulations is in order, because Mansfield is getting married. To a woman.

Mansfield, a family therapist and doctoral student in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Tech University, is engaged to Danielle Palmer. They will wed May 22. They met at Brigham Young, and reconnected on Facebook.

But those who’ve listened to Mansfield speak in the past might raise an eyebrow about this gay man marrying a woman. From a 2005 Desert News article:

[Mansfield] said he would never suggest marriage as a way of trying to banish same-sex attraction. “I know some individuals who feel they have overcome the attraction, have married, and it’s not a problem for them anymore. . . . I know many more who have the type of life they want — married with a family. They still experience the attraction, but that’s all they see it as.” Though he understands his own dynamics, he says he’s not sure if his attractions will ever leave him entirely. He has only a smile and a polite “no” for fellow Latter-day Saints who try to line him up with women, and no definitive answer for those who ask if he’ll ever marry. Some he knows have left the church and are living a homosexual lifestyle. When they ask why he doesn’t just give in, he answers, “I feel I’m being true to my eternal self.”

But in just over a month, he’ll be walking down the aisle with a lady. On their wedding page’s “Our Story” section, Mansfield’s sexuality and his struggles with it are not discussed, so it remains unclear how he went from being attracted to dudes and unmotivated to marry a woman to, well, doing exactly that.

[photo via Yan Photography]