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Gay Mormon Weekend Sleepover! … Tom Ford’s Gay Payday … NYC’s Go-Go Boys

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• The gay Mormons are getting together this weekend thanks to the 20-year-old Evergreen International, which “counsels” ’em on how to get over their “unwanted” desires. (Like it did this guy.) So … my hotel room or yours?

• California’s attorneys can’t agree on whether they should be funneling money to Prop 8-supporting hotelier Doug Manchester. But this year at least, the California Bar Association Annual Meeting is going down at Manchester’s San Diego Grand Hyatt.

• Don’t piss off the gays, Gaga.

• Mario Lopez returns to Nip/Tuck. Nearly naked. And wearing women’s lingerie.

• Maybe we can stave off a Stonewall-style raid in Seattle, since the Police Officer’s Guild just came out in support of Washington State’s “everything but marriage” law.

• Tom Ford’s directorial debut A Single Man, starring Colin Firth, finds a distributor at the Toronto Film Festival. The Weinstein Company wins it after an “all night” bidding war.

• Video interviews with go-go boys from Splash, of course, include shots of them in tiny bathing suits.

• A 16-year-old girl celebrates her father’s new marriage. To another man.