Gay Musician Opens Up

Hip-hop may not be the most gay friendly musical genre, but that hasn’t stopped homo Quentin Harris. Though he insists he doesn’t want to be categorized as a “gay musician,” Harris remains completely open about his queer experience, including growing up in Detroit’s hip-hop scene, where hung with Eminem and company:

It wasn’t easy to come out but when you come out you tend to know how to be smart about those things. I was fortunate in that I was always quiet as a kid. I’ve met people from school years later and found out they were gay and they found out I was and they’d be like ‘we had no idea, we had no clues’. I’ve never worn my sexuality on my arm.

Harris also offered his own hypothesis on why some hip-hoppers stick to their anti-gay guns: “I think it’s because of the street elements within in, (it’s caused by) that whole concept or not being seen as a weak individual.”