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Gay Muslim Suicide Bombers: The Threat is Real

Suicide bombings sure are trendy these days. Men and women – most of them Muslim – the world over are willing to die for their cause, and as we all saw in Britain last month, the Nationalist past time has seeped into the middle class.

New Stateman‘s Shazia Mirza‘s fears the queers will adopt these fundamentalist fashions:

I am worried that, with the middle-class Muslim suicide bombers exposed, things are going to escalate further and we will soon see the rise of the Gay Muslim suicide bomber. They’ve taken a while to emerge, as they’ve been hidden away in the closet, posing as horny clerics.

The Gay Muslim suicide bombers will carry not rucksacks, but Christian Louboutin briefcases. MI5 needs to get on to this straight away. Gay Muslim suicide bombers will not fail; they are meticulous planners.

Wait, Christian Louboutin makes briefcases for men? Squeal – fuck this terrorism shit, let’s go shopping!