Gay Muslim Talks Sex

Gay Muslim “leader” Daayiee Abdullah took to YouTube this week to discuss his first gay romance. Born in Detroit to a Southern Baptist family, Abdullah converted to Islam during his studies in China. He adopted the title “Imam” around 2000 after joining a gay Muslim web group: the next generation of Mosque?

Abdullah himself is pretty monotonous, but we thoughtm “A gay Muslim talking about his sexuality? That’s rare, we should share…”

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  • todd

    He should spread the good word all over Iran or Iraq!

  • Hephaestion

    How do you pronounce “Daayiee”?

  • Elia

    daa3ee. soft d, long a (like the a in actor), the “ain,” a letter unique to arabic often signified in latin script by the letter 3 because of its similarity, followed by a long ee sound, like the ee in flee. good luck pronouncing the ain, it’s tricky even for some native speakers. you can hear it in the proper pronunciation of names such as “abdullah” or “ali”

  • Muslimah

    WTF!!!!!!!and then they have the audacity to quote Qur’an at the end as if Allah backs this nonsense up? I’m astonished. What happened to the REAL men?

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